Why should I choose Dr. Barton for my Orthodontic treatment and health


Why should I choose Dr. Barton for my Orthodontic treatment and health?

I’ve dedicated my life to health. I start my day with some type of exercise whether it’s walking, running, swimming, yoga, meditation. Something to kind of start my day to do for myself before I’m really gonna help others throughout the day. And I think by doing that I have that sense of calm that allows me to to help others and to transpose that into their lives as well. There’s three words that really represent our position. That’s beauty, health, and balance. We look at the beauty of our guests on the inside as well as what we were able to create on the outside. We want to talk to them about their total health. We also want to bring that all into balance and that really reflects what we do and for us that’s very rewarding to be able to see a difference that we’re able to make in people’s lives. My name is Dr. Joe Barton and I’d like to welcome you to Admira Dentistry.


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What is Smile Design

What is Smile Design?

When someone wants to change their smile, we really start with an appointment we call a smile design appointment where we sit down and really ask questions about what you want to change about your smile, what do you want to change about the look of your teeth, what outcome are you trying to gain by changing your smile. So it may be color, it may be shape, it may be contour, may be proportions, it might be how much of your teeth do you show when you smile or when you talk. So really that appointment is designed to find out what you’re looking for in terms of changing your smile and then designing the smile to fit the individual person. We really want this model to look like it fits you and not like you’re wearing somebody else’s teeth. So that appointment is really important to really work on the design the proportions and the contours and really find out what fits you the best.



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How does Dr. Barton keep up-to-date on all of the current techniques and materials


How does Dr. Barton keep up-to-date on all of the current and advanced techniques and materials?

One of the ways that I keep up with advanced techniques and materials is through teaching. I’m currently teaching at the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental studies also known as LVI global. And by teaching I learn a lot of the new techniques new materials so that we can provide our guests with the best possible outcome in their dentistry.

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What are some Alternatives to Flossing


What are some Alternatives to Flossing?

A lot of people ask me, “You know, do I really have to floss every day?” There are some other great techniques and take the place of flossing. There’s water piks, there’s sonic toothbrushes, there’s rubber tips. So for people who just may not have the dexterity or may not be able to floss, we do have some great techniques and some great methods to teach them that they can use as an alternative to floss.


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What are the connections between oral health and the rest of your body


What are the connections between oral health and the rest of your body?

Over the past 10 years we’ve learned a lot about the connection between oral health and systemic health. The connection between the two is really important because the same blood that goes through our gums and our tissue goes through the rest of our body. Other things that are affected in the body, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, low birth weight babies, can also have a correlation between gum disease and the tissue in our mouth.


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What kind of toothbrush do you recommend


What kind of toothbrush do you recommend?

One of my favorite toothbrushes is the Sonicare. It’s an amazing toothbrush. You got to learn how to use it and use the proper technique to make sure that you’re cleaning the teeth. You know, some people are really good with manual toothbrushes but most of us have found that the electric toothbrush in the new generation sonic hairs are just very efficient in the way that they clean the teeth.


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Do we use silver fillings


Do we use silver fillings?

We stopped using silver fillings or amalgams in the practice probably 16 – 17 years ago. Mainly because of the mercury that’s contained in those restorations. There’s some great techniques, some great materials that are out there that we use to replace those. It could be composite restorations that are tooth colored and bond to the teeth and help support the tooth and strengthen it. We also use porcelain restorations that look so lifelike and look just like the natural tooth that we’re replacing. So there’s some great alternatives out there today to use instead of the silver fillings that have been used in the years past.


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Do we replace silver fillings


Do we replace silver fillings?

We look at each tooth individually to see if it’s structurally and physically sound enough to withstand the day-to-day biting pressures of eating and chewing. A lot of the teeth that we see have old silver fillings. A lot of times those fillings are getting breaks in them, they’re getting cracks in them, they’re getting gaps between the filling and the tooth if that’s the case then that’s the time to replace those restorations. There’s some great materials out there now that we can use to replace silver fillings that don’t have mercury in them. There’s composite that’s tooth colored restorations, there’s porcelain that’s as strong as the enamel we’re replacing, so there’s some great alternatives to silver fillings that we’re using nowadays.

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What is CoTherapy for Total Health


What is CoTherapy for Total Health?

One of the things that we find is really important here at Admira Dentistry is total health. You know, we put a lot of focus on the health of the teeth and the tissue but the rest of the body is just as important as the mouth and the oral cavity. So we have aligned ourself with some great health practitioners in the City of Jacksonville that we work with in terms of code therapy. Some of them will help with allergy elimination. Some of them will help with other illnesses or medications that they’re on that have side effects. So we really try to look at the total picture and the total health of the guests in our practice. That’s one of the reasons for the name Admira, because it does stand for the admiration that we have for our guests’ dedication to health.

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At Admira Dentistry, your health and wellbeing are vitally important to us. We have gone the extra mile to exceed standard CDC safety precautions in the prevention of spreading COVID-19.