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Jim Stone

My name is Jim Stone, I’m a 57 year old business owner and former elite level athlete.  I met Dr. Barton through my work and was immediately impressed with his sense of caring and concern for me as a person.  I always hated going to the dentist before I met Dr. Barton, but once going there I realized it was much than a dental office.

Through the years I’ve gained more and more weight from stress and unhealthy habits from a business life that requires frequent travel.  Dr. Barton knew something was going on beyond just eating poorly and lack of exercise.  He encouraged me to meet with expert friends of his, which led to diagnosing endocrinology issues that contributed to my problem.  He also focused in on my sleep patterns and after a sleep study confirmed I suffered from mild to moderate sleep apnea he created a custom oral appliance to keep me breathing correctly during sleep and eliminated the vast majority of my snoring much to my wife’s delight.

Dr. Barton never was judgmental about my weight, my habits, or my lifestyle.  He was truly empathetic and encouraged me to tap into my former athletic lifestyle and make positive changes.  He even signed us up for a triathlon together which we plan to do every year together.

Once we got the most serious sleep and endocrine system issues stabilized, we moved on to correcting my bite and restoring the bottom arch of my mouth which has been ground down due to years of stress and wear.  He fit me in a temporary appliance that looks fantastic.  I actually get compliments on my smile wearing the temporary mouthpiece.  The technology is amazing.

It’s been a journey, an education, and a friendship that I am so grateful for.




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