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Karma Edwards

My name is Karma Edwards and I live in Jacksonville, Florida with my beautiful wife, Ginger. Together we have three charming dogs Sadie, Monkey, and Zoey Maggs that have us wrapped around their little paws. Some of the things that I love most are: God, family and the sound of my nephews laughing. Some of the things that I don’t like at all are early mornings, weird Florida animals, and dentists (with one notable exception).

For work, I make healthy choices the easy choice for many communities and states. I raise awareness and advocate for place-based health issues, social determinants of health, and health equity and equality for all people. I do this as a publicly funded consultant, and I get to work with a great team of colleagues at the National Association of Chronic Disease Directors and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and many other close partners that I am lucky to know.

When I am not working, you will often find me swimming, biking, or running. I compete in the invigorating sport of triathlon, where ultimately the toughest competition is always against myself in the race of life. Training drives me … pushing myself to find the best me. I am always in search of the perfect training day – a water-current in my favor, the wind at my back on the bike, and the feeling that I could tack on another five miles at the end of a run. In some strange way, I believe this sport makes me a better person—a win-win.

Two events have changed my life forever. The first of these was meeting my wife. Everything I always wanted, needed and never dreamed I could have all merged together when I met her. I love our everyday adventures. The second event occurred when Dr. Barton recreated my smile. For the first time in 3 ½ decades I couldn’t stop from smiling. It got to the point where my face got sore from this new sensation and yet I still couldn’t wipe the grin away. There are not enough words to express my gratitude for my dear friend (and dentist) Dr. Joe Barton and his amazing team at Admira Dentistry. They treated me as if I was their most important patient of the day, of the month, of the year…. With my new smile, I am more vibrant and more confident—no longer the insecure person hiding behind a half smile and cringing each time someone pulls a camera out. For both of these events, I am beyond blessed, eternally grateful, and forever changed.


At Admira Dentistry, your health and wellbeing are vitally important to us. We have gone the extra mile to exceed standard CDC safety precautions in the prevention of spreading COVID-19.