Our Team

The transformation to a healthy, functional, beautiful smile requires a collective skill set and a passion for comprehensive dentistry. To ensure that he achieves the best possible transformations, Dr. Barton works closely with the most talented and dedicated team of dental professionals in Jacksonville. Our team is willing to constantly work to improve its technical skills and communication skills. We take our own health very seriously, we are excited about our work, we believe in Dr. Barton’s expertise and philosophy and we are motivated to achieve optimum results with each guest. Through excellence in dentistry, continuous education and valued relationships we make rewarding contributions to the lives of those we touch.

Dawn: Clinical Technician

Dawn has been in the field of dentistry since 1984. She was educated at both Blue Mountain Community College in Pendleton, Oregon and the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. Dawn has served our guests for 23 years and has definitely perfected her skills.  Dawn’s calming nature is definitely one of her strengths but her artistic eye and passion for creating beautiful, healthy smiles is truly what sets her apart.  You can be confident your appointments will be stress free and help you achieve the smile you have always desired!

Julie, RDH: Dental Hygienist

Julie began her dental career in 1981 after earning an associate’s degree in dental hygiene.  She was inspired to enter the field of dentistry by her own hygienist who shared so many wonderful aspects of the dental profession.  Julie has lived in Jacksonville since 1989 and has been serving our guests for 22 years.  Julie’s main goal as a dental professional is to provide each guest with a high standard of care that meets each individual’s needs and desires in a warm and caring environment.  Julie takes great pride in helping you achieve optimal dental health and sharing your path to a beautiful smile!

Rhonda: Director of Guest Services

Rhonda is most likely the first person you will speak with either on the phone or in our office. Rhonda has been providing exceptional service to our guests for over 10 years. Any questions you may have about scheduling, coordination of your care or how to make your care affordable can be discussed with Rhonda. She is an integral part of our mission to provide comprehensive dental care and service to those who value advanced expertise and a whole health approach to dentistry. Rhonda’s awesome attitude is perfect for managing and coordinating our guests’ care!