We believe our current guests can tell you more about us than we ever could.


“What can I say? You are the man! My teeth feel great, look great, just like they belong there. I love them and most importantly, my wife loves them. Your staff was super! What a nice group of young ladies. I can tell they really enjoy working in your practice. You run a first-class operation.”
– Charlie


Dear Dr. Barton,

For the first time, in every photo from our trip (to Ilianna, Alaska), I am grinning like the rest of my family. I am so awfully grateful to be able to smile fully without any reservations for the first time in my adult life. I owe it all to you, your wonderful assistants and your patience and tender care in seeing me through the process. I still have a hard time believing it is my smile.

Thanks again for my beautiful smile; I am forever in your debt.

Lots of love to all,
– Peggy


“How do I begin to thank you and your wonderful staff for your thoughtfulness and sensitivity? You are a professional in every sense of the word, but more than that, you are a kind, caring individual and those qualities transcend all that you do. It is a privilege to know you and everyone in your office. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you.”
– Valerie


At my maintenance cleaning appointment in February, Julie, again, spoke of the correlation of gum disease, it may be considered a link. Julie even made mention that high levels of C- reactive protein (CRP) could be an indicator of inflammation and/or infection in the body. Since my family (history) includes heart disease, high blood pressure and strokes, I decided to have my CRP tested. Since that time, I have had several tests with results that warrant ongoing evaluation and care. Without going into great detail…it is because of Dr. Barton and his team and their exceptional knowledge and care that I am even aware of this problem. They just didn’t ‘clean my teeth’ and say ‘see you in 6 months’. I have continued to see my cardiologist as well as Julie to stay on top of the situation. I just wanted to thank you again for your diligent and persistent dental care, which proves to be ‘total health care!’

– Pam


“Thank you very much for giving me the smile I always wanted. I am grateful for the benefit of your artistry and the exceptional level of care that I received from your staff. The very best to all of you in the New Year.”
– Jean


“At twelve years old, I was taunted and teased because of my poorly restored teeth and ‘gummy’ smile. I was often told I had ‘chicklet’ teeth. That single experience had a profound and lasting effect on my life and my self confidence. From that day forward, each time I smiled, I always covered my mouth with my hand.

That is, until I met you. Your treatment has not only enhanced my smile but also my life. For the first time since I was twelve, I am now smiling without my shield. I am constantly getting compliments on my appearance. Your work is so subtly perfect that friends cannot pinpoint the reason for the improvement. They just say I look great.”
– Alethea


“Thank you so much for giving me the perfect smile. I get so many compliments I sometimes get embarrassed. I never could have done this without your help. Thanks for everything.”
– Jeff


“It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul. I would like to add that the smile does the inviting! Thank you so much for the amazing end result to this journey we have taken together! As you know, I had a plethora of symptoms in addition to being unsatisfied with the appearance of my teeth. What has impressed me the most is you are truly a perfectionist, something so important in this profession. You really listened to what I wanted, and you delivered. Your new office represents everything you are. When you walk in the front door, it says, ‘Great things are created here. There is an exceptional artisan practicing within.’ Your practice is not about dentistry, but about self-esteem, confidence, success and future achievement for your guests.

It is a pleasure to be cared for by someone who is excited and passionate about what he does. It is expressed in every aspect of guest care, including the amazing team you have chosen to work side by side with you.

I will enjoy the results of this awesome smile for many years to come and will think of you every time I floss! Guests will eagerly invest in their future smiles when they perceive the value of the result as far greater than the monetary cost. You accomplish that from your first word to the last occlusal adjustment.”
– Joan


Dear Dr. Barton and Staff:

I can’t thank you enough for my new smile! I absolutely love it. You know, it’s hard to believe that for my entire life I’ve beenuncomfortable with my teeth and within a few visits I now have the grin I’ve always wanted!

You and your staff are incredible. Every single person on your team is completely knowledgeable about the procedure and really cares about the outcome. I could really tell that everyone was as excited to see the ‘after’ as I was.

While nobody can see my teeth on the radio, they can see them on TV and in photos. I’ve been doing quite a bit of this type of work lately and now I have so much more confidence. I no longer have strange shadows across my smile caused by crooked teeth. Plus, because I had so many calcium deposits, my front teeth were spotted. Not any more!

Thank you!!!
– Eden


Dr. Barton,

Fortunately, the days of being self conscious about smiling are finally over! I feel more relaxed and self confident. I have smiled more in the last four months than I have during the past 20 years. When you greet everyone with a warm beautiful smile it changes how people perceive you and respond to you. I’m now more effective both at work and in my personal life. My only regret is that I didn’t do this sooner.

You and your team are truly exceptional. Every member of your team made me feel like I was their number one patient. I could not have asked for more professional care. I cannot thank you and your team enough.

Thank you!!!
– Terry