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The creation of a healthy, beautiful smile is a powerful experience. We never grow tired of sharing the joy of this transformation with our guests because each of us knows exactly how it feels. We know how it affects every aspect of your life. It changes the way the world sees you, the way you see yourself and how you see the world differently from the inside out. Every day we are reminded of the power of the smile. This is why we strive to provide a positive experience and the ideal smile for each one of our guests.

ADMIRA standing for “The Admiration we have for our guests’ dedication to their health”.  Our focus no longer being on just aesthetics but instead on beauty, total health and finding balance in our lives between work, health, family and spirituality.

Implementation of this total health concept in our practice has had many rewards.  We have been instrumental in identifying early signs of cardiac disease, diabetes, sleep apnea and cancer.  We have also been instrumental in reversing tendencies toward obesity, high cholesterol, and temporomandibular disorders. We have assembled a network of professionals in all areas of medicine including, but not limited to, functional medical practitioners, nutritionists, wellness coordinators, acupuncturists, neuromuscular therapists and allergy elimination specialists.

We believe if our guests value overall health, then our job is that much easier. So we lead by example and share with our guests what it takes to be healthy.  The mouth is the pathway to health and provides a window into their level of health. As dental and healthcare providers we can set the standard in our community in terms of our guests’ healthcare management and total well-being.  We have the unique opportunity and privilege to guide our guests through the process of obtaining Beauty-Health-Balance.

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